ANB Software was established in 2000 by Adam Bent, who at the time was a University student studying an Honours Degree in Software Engineering and working at a local secondary school in the UK as an acting Network Manager.

ANB Software is based in South Yorkshire in the UK. We deal with every aspect of IT including buying/selling components and PCs, developing software and web sites, and offer technical support and advice to local companies and individuals.

Currently the company is still owned and operated by Adam Bent. However, as of June 2007 ANB Software became a Limited company. Currently the company is expanding to take account of supporting increasing customers and implementing new features, customer requests, and new projects.

We would welcome and freely discuss any new potential work that you may wish to contact us about. Or if you require a modified existing product, then please do contact us to discuss.

As the products on this web site prove, Adam Bent is an accomplished software engineer. He is also highly respected on a technical level. Due to this he has a growing list of very satisfied customers, both personally and professionally.