Small Business Finance Manager

This application was initially created several years ago to enable a company to easily manage their small company accounts simply, whilst also providing them with some extra useful features. It has had various features added over the years, and is still being updated every so often. So, if there is an element missing for you then please let us know.

The obvious basics of company account management are included but there are added features, such as marking orders as being annual, viewing when those annual payments are due, and more.

SBFM is currently FREE to use.

NOTE: This application is not quite ready for general use. It should hopefully be available in the near future, time permitting


ANB Software Ltd cannot be held responsible for any figures or totals being incorrect. You MUST verify yourself that such figures are correct.


  • CRUD Quotes
  • CRUD Invoices
  • CRUD Payments (income)
  • Link payments to invoices
  • CRUD Expenses
  • View a dynamic "bank statement" showing income and outgoings, and the effect on your bank balance
  • Manage company assets
  • Handle assets using "Capital Allowance"
  • Manage asset depreciation
  • View a list of sales which highlights which annual invoices need renewing
  • Manage loans to the company
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage Products
  • View Outstanding Invoices, at a glance
  • View or generate Asset Depreciation reports
  • View or generate Profit & Loss reports
  • View or generate Balance Sheets
  • Print various lists or reports