Verona DMS Client

Latest version: v1.0.24.6110

This is an experimental application of trying to use Subversion (SVN) for storing documents.

The initial concept was to replace Microsoft Visual Source Safe with something similar in functionality but was currently supported, without having to trial a variety of new systems but to also re-use existing systems (i.e. Subversion) which are currently in-use. It must also be easy to use for non-technical people. That was essentially the remit from the customer. So, this is the application created for them, which is also available for others to use.

For those who are already familiar with Subversion, the technicalities and use of Subversion is supposed to be hidden from the user in order to be easily usable by non-technical people. So you cannot think how you would do this when using Subversion directly or using a standard Subversion client.

You will need to already have a Subversion repository, or you can use SVNBreeze to create a new one.

Verona DMS Client is currently FREE to use but support can be purchased below.

Verona UI Comparison


  • Manage multiple repositories
  • CRUD folders
  • View and edit documents
  • Rename and delete documents
  • Move files and folders
  • View revision history of each document
  • Import files
  • View activity log (i.e. your Subversion activity)
  • Lock files when editing
  • Steal someone's file lock
  • User's file system icons shown
  • Light, Gray, or Dark UI theme


Main Window Folder Context Menu File Context Menu Options Double Click File File Statuses

Purchase Support

The use of Verona DMS Client is FREE. However, if you require support then you can purchase this by clicking the button below and specifying how many users you have using it (or plan to). The support package will last for 1 year.

Users Price
1+ £ 9.99 each

Alternatively, please email to request a quote and to send a purchase order (PO).



Size: 4.95 MB